"SALMIX is a great production partner"
We are fully equipped with facilities such as a recording studio and an editing room. Our highly experienced engineers are attentive and supportive in producing audio and video, and we handle narration recording, post-recording, sound effects, broadcast formats, harding check, subtitle creation, field recording, etc... Feel free to get in touch with us!



"The world's entertainment, to Japan"
We create Japanese subtitles and dubbing for various overseas content, from broadcast programs to video distribution services. Using our own studio we can quickly and affordably produce a natural Japanese version.



"Japan's fantastic culture, to the world"
We localize domestic content, entertainment, corporate video productions, and inbound video and audio in a format specialized for video. We are able to support English, Chinese, and other world languages. Besides subtitle production, we can also arrange and record for narration by native speakers.



"Video production support by knowledgeable and experienced professionals"
We have an extensive track record of producing videos in various genres such as TV shows, commercials, and corporate video productions! We can of course do total production support as well as partial orders such as captions. We handle web videos, digital signage, trailers, promotional videos, making-of videos, employee education videos, and many more!


Easy online post-production!

SAL!T accepts online post-production work including various tasks such as multitrack recording, broadcast and distribution formats, and harding check.
SAL!T supports yours content creation.